An overview of Electric Fireplace – The Types and Installation

Have you ever thought about installing an electric fireplace at home? Not many people know that such unit can come in various sizes and designs. You can find the wall mount type or the mantels. It depends on you which one to choose and which one you like the most. Keep in mind that most electric fireplaces can reduce maintenance and care cost while maximizing the energy-saving.

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Different Types of Fireplaces

Sure, the traditional fireplace may have its own appeal. It is able to make your house feels homier and more comfortable. There are three major types of fireplaces:

  • The wall mounts fireplace. As the name suggests, this unit comes in a hanging type and can be installed right away on the drywall. Keep in mind, though, that such installation will require professional care and installation. It must go with the building code and standard.
  • The fireplace mantels. This unit usually has two main compartments, a firebox with a vent-free design with a realistic flame and a different mantel to keep the firebox. Such units also have additional containers or storage for the TV.
  • The fireplace inserts. This unit is usually designed to fit within the already existing fireplace. Generally, it has an LED for the almost-real flame sensation and effect. Insert the fireplace into the available outlet and you are good to go.the electric fireplace

Choosing the Best Unit

When you want to buy a unit, make sure that the type you pick goes well with your preference. Ask yourself some of the most important questions. Do you have your own house? Are you living in a rental house or apartment? Do you want a permanent unit or the portable one? Do you want a more flexible portable unit that can be moved around? How do you like the style, do you want to combine the already existing unit with a new installation? How much are you willing to spend? What will you do to the existing room d├ęcor? Will it change the style? Such questions are important if you want to choose the right unit and make sure that it fits.



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